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Today there are so many new gadgets to enhance the photographers and videographers experience. Anything ranging from a Steadicam innovation for smartphones, to better lenses, new action cameras, and drones that capture 4k videos. We now live in the generation of YouTubers, where anyone can create professional-grade videos with the latest editing software and an enormous wealth of knowledge for DIY production. There is also no shortage of portable projectors that claim they can be taken anywhere and project into any surface, but the reality is that this is not true in a practical way. For example, in the woods where there are no flat surfaces, how does one expect to project an image clearly to an audience?

What is TripOS?   ( Trip Omni System )

This game-changing accessory line for tripods and speaker stands will solve various situations that the average person will encounter in their lifetime. As an example, these tripod accessories would allow anyone to enjoy their recently shot videos or photographs and show them in the great outdoors almost instantly! No more having to wait until getting back home to see those pictures of nature. With our products, any full legged tripod now can morph into a lightweight projector screen ranging from 60 to 120 inches (measured diagonally)

But there is more! It can also transform itself into a modular table we refer to as TriporTable. This table can also become any table extender ( see pictures below ). One more thing. It can also transform into a banner holder for trade shows if one is needed.
What you see right now is all part of the Tripodssibilities 1.0 version. We are already developing the 2.0 and 3.0 products, but don't worry, the components you are getting today will not become obsolete when the new accessories come out. One of our goals is for you to enjoy what you purchase today for decades to come!